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    With digital music consumption on the rise, the music world is getting crowded! Push Power Promo can help you stand out above the competition. We promote music from hard-working, talented artists every day. Our music services are top of the line and benefit musicians and artists across a wide array of genres and styles. Our music marketing company has over 10 years of experience in getting artists hear and recognized. We offer a variety of free promotion opportunities as well as premium services. 

    What does Push Power Promo offer?
    Our Promotional Campaigns are designed to raise awareness of our clients' crafts and get them on the radar of real listeners and music fans! We have a strong presence that can benefit established talent looking to get more song plays, potential fans, and supporters of their craft. Need to promote your music harder? Apply for a campaign! We share music daily on our on-site blog as well as through social media. We also offer email marketing and PR campaigns that spread music to relevant sites, stations, DJs and more in the music industry. (We've amassed a list of thousands of companies through our VIP section mentioned below)
    Our free opportunities and VIP section give members extra chances to further your career. We currently share 5 opportunities a week for free members to submit to that feature companies including radio stations, music magazines, podcasts and contest that are actively seeking submissions in all genres. VIP members get access to a full, exclusive list of opportunities they can submit to throughout the week! Unlike other music promotion sites, we thoroughly search for active, up-to-date companies and are sure to point our members in the direction of the effective way to submit. Say no to blind music email blasts sent to expired contacts with little to no results!

    Our Artist Development services help artists who are in the process of getting their music brand ready for worldwide exposure! We assist with song critiques, mixing and mastering, CD designs and more. We like to help our clients be as prepared and professional as they can before starting their process of submitting music to professional opportunities in the music industry.  As a music marketing company with thousands of clients in the artist world, we've learned that appearance and audio quality preparation go a long way. 

    Our music blog is constantly updated with indie music from around the world that we enjoy marketing. Do you have the music but not the budget? No worries; we can still promote your music for free. Previously, we accepted hundreds of music submissions via email a week, and could not give the spotlight to everyone we heard. Now, we are offering you the chance to upload your material straight to our site! We often search through the music and pick favorites from user-submitted material to add to our channels for extra promotion and exposure. Most music marketing companies only promote those who have paid them! 
  • Words from our Clients:

    "I'm so glad I came to yall for my promotion, after getting the Top Quality Deal last week, my new song "High" is all over google and the net. New sites and blogs mention me on twitter about their post on my music every day it seems. Got a lot of new fans. I definitely recommend this to people who have good music but not enough contacts"

    - Ray Marie

    "I wanna personally thank you for the continued love and support, this music i give to the world comes from my heart and soul, so i appreciate everything. Now, I'm number 1 on the pop charts of my city; because of you guys! Thank you!!!" 

    - DNELL 

    "Thank You guys so much for helping out artists who may not be rich and have a ton of money to fund their dreams" 

    - Jesus Divine 

    "First off I would like to thank you guys for really helping me to push my material and make a bigger name for myself. I really appreciate the much-needed help."

    - Lavish Life 

    “I am humbled and honored that my hard work gets recognized, especially by the people from Push Power Promo. It motivates me to continue to work smarter and get more supporters.” 

    - Ferris Bueller
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    - Social Media Marketing Tips

    and more!

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    We offer a variety of options in Music Marketing Services including Promotional Packages, a daily blog to promote music from Underground/Indie Artists, Youtube promo, Facebook Promo, Twitter promo and much more! For details, please visit the Promotional Services page to get the scoop on how we promote music. We've been in the music marketing and PR business for over 10 years and look forward to marketing musicians and artists worldwide for a lot longer! If you are not already a member and would like to sign up for free to benefit from our variety of resources for indie and unsigned music makers, follow this link.

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  •  Our Top Artist Promotion Services:

    Artist Development Packages

    Our development packages assist with what artists need to have before releasing a song. Services include mixing and mastering, art design, song critiques and social media services. To make sure an artist’s image, sound, and networks are presentable to fans and industry scouts, thousands of clients have used our low-priced deals to their advantage.

    VIP Music DIY Guide

    For those who are ready to find opportunities in the music world they can submit to, our VIP section is a perfect fit for artists in all genres. 5 days a week, we post opportunities that include radio stations, magazines, contests and labels and other music marketing companies who are in search of quality tracks to promote. These marketing opportunities are posted for our VIP members to have access to submit their best music to in chance of placements, deals, and exposure. We do our best to find fresh, relevant music companies that don’t require submission fees.

    Targetted SoundCloud and Youtube Marketing

    For our members and clients who have excelled in creating very appealing musical works, we offer a variety of free, paid and non-exclusive deals to market talent across the globe. For these types of offers, we can only accept less than 10% of the music submissions sent to us, to ensure only the finest quality music is being marketed to our connections and audience base. Sending an amazing song out to the masses has a very different effect than sending out a decent song with a lot of potential to the masses. To ensure successful campaigns, we have to be very picky about the talent we chose to market on a large scale.