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    My name is Yona, and my husband Julian and I got married on 9/24/22.

    You know how married couples tell you that you're going to be like, "oh, take me back, oh best day ever," and all that? Okay, they weren't lying, my good people.

    Our wedding day was beyond the best day I have ever experienced! 

    My love story with my husband is beyond the best romantic relationship I've ever experienced. But honey, let's talk about the mess!

    When I say mess, I don't automatically mean it to be negative. 

    According to the Oxford Dictionary:

    Mess: A situation or state of affairs that is confused or full of difficulties.

    All types of relationships can be difficult at one point or another; that's what life is about. My husband and I aren't doctors, psychologists, or experts when it comes to the ins and outs of marriage. We are just wading through the mess and making the best of it that we can!

    When I say holy, I genuinely do mean holy. Julian and I are a God-fearing couple raised by the most amazing parents known to man. My parents, his parents, I mean, of course, we have all the same parents now. Some of them are no longer with us, but their love and Godliness are still active in our lives each and every day. 

    According to the Oxford Dictionary:

    Holy: Dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred.

    We had two separate services for our marriage because our planning got derailed in the best way. At first, we were just going to have the ceremony and reception at a country club. But then, with premarital counseling and an eye-opening premarital retreat, we decided to add a small catholic wedding a few hours before the larger event. 

    When I say holy mess, it is a play on the word holiness. We are not the best married couple by any means, and we are not the best Christians by any means. What we are, though, are two generally good people aiming to love each other selflessly to the point of trying to get each other into heaven. 

    I chose to start this blog and document some key parts of our growing old together in hopes that our story will be relatable and helpful for other couples out there! Thanks for visiting the site; I hope you come back often!