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30 Last Minute Date Ideas For Couples (Think Outside The Box!)

Last Minute Date Ideas 

Not everybody likes to plan dates out far in advance as organized folks do. Not every day allows for things to go as planned, especially when the rest of life can be so demanding all the time! That doesn't mean that you should neglect quality time with your significant other.

Almost every couple can make time for some last-minute date plans that don't require much planning, time, and cash on hand. There are tons of activities to do and places to go that can constitute the perfect date night for you and your boo thang!

I keep a note of things I want to do with my husband as a sort of bucket list, but not as epic, and far longer than most lists should be. I'm always bumbling around with ideas in my head, so my iPhone notes have gotten lengthy, and I'm taking this time to organize them into date types. 

Some of my date plans are extremely intense and need to be fleshed out over time, but I'll keep those ideas for now and share them with you on a future list. Stay tuned for updates that I may add over time!

Last Minute Date Ideas At Home

Take each other on a shopping journey, but do it all from the comfort of your own home at your cavities online store locations. 

Play video games with your significant other and make the process very competitive! Thing games like Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat if you're into that type of violence. 

Take a stab at cooking a new recipe together that's a bit complex, and you normally wouldn't go for. This is recommended for couples that have been together for a while; surprising personality traits may come out!

Have a cute little poetry slam in your own home where you and your honey create written works and recite them to each other. This idea pairs really well with wine.

Do an old-fashioned puzzle together. Go for one of those puzzles that have at least 300 pieces so that you can really spend a good amount of time on it together. 

This is for my Christian couples! Do an intense bible study session together for an hour or two to really learn something and get more connected with God.

Try an at-home exercise routine together with the help of a video training course. Do something out of both comfort zones, like dancing. 

Put together a really cute picnic, but instead of going somewhere, sit out in your backyard or on your balcony and enjoy nature from your home together. 

Do a paint-and-sip in your own home with the guidance of a professional, or do a freestyle session on your own to see what you two can come up with. 

Treat each other with a spa night and include warm bubble baths and massages with your favorite oils. This pairs great with wine and good music. 

Adventurous Last-Minute Date Ideas

Go to a local trampoline park and get one of the craziest workouts of your life if you are older and unfit. Don't be alarmed if you're the only adults actually jumping around in there.

Shop til you drop and ball out at a thrift shop that is near you. This is a real treat if you have good shops with great household items near you. 

Go to a pool near you and take a romantic swim together. Indoor pools tend to be open throughout the whole year, but not enough people take advantage of them. 

Get on an app like Omegle together and talk to some random strangers on the internet. As you can imagine, a process like this can be a mixed bag, but depending on your personality type, it could be a blast!

Go to a virtual reality attraction near you that may be found in a mall or popular city. Some malls have them available all throughout the day at little kiosks. 

Go to an open mic night to enjoy musical or comedic performances. Take a risk and get on stage yourself if you've got the talent for it!

Go kayaking if you live near a local body of water. I live in DC, where there are a few spots you can add your name to for a slot at the last minute. 

Head to your local gun range and work on your shooting together. This can be very exciting but dangerous for first-times, so practice extreme caution.

Take a stab at axe throwing, which is a fun activity that is growing in popularity among those who like a fun and competitive activity. 

Get crazy and blow off some steam together at a rage room, where you will be able to completely destroy a room without having to pay any damage fees.

Free Last-Minute Date Ideas Out The House

Find the closest walking or biking trail near you that you haven't been to and go explore the route together while getting fit at the same time. 

Google free concerts near you and go to anything that's happening in your area together, even if it's something you normally wouldn't find appealing. 

Go volunteer at a local non-profit company near you. You will likely be able to find great opportunities with a simple google search! 

Visit your local zoo and explore the world without having to pay for much of anything at all. Learn about different animals together and bond over the experience that people of all ages can enjoy. 

Enjoy a local museum or tourist spot where you can take a stroll, spend some time together, and learn new things all at the same time. 

Go to exciting open houses together and explore what you both dream for your futures in a way that won't cost you much if anything at all. 

Go window shopping at your local mall and try out things that you normally wouldn't. For example, take a test drive of a great vehicle at a car dealership without any strings attached. 

Pack a lunch and your bathing suit to take a ride to your local beach to enjoy the water and nature together with the sand beneath you. 

Visit a store like Costco on a day when they give out free food samples to pig out and taste test some of the best free treats you'll ever eat. 

Go to the library together, get new library cards, and check out some books specific to couples' advice. How bad could it be? 

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Non-Physical Compliments - 30 Unique Ideas For Your Partner

Non-Physical Compliments 

I'm guilty of creeping on my husband multiple times a day when it comes to his physical attributes. This is not at all a bad thing on its own, but I realized that it's good to have balance when it comes to how you shower your partner with compliments.

This is especially true if you are in a relationship where words of affirmation are a top love language that your partner craves. If you're not sure if that's one of their top love languages, check out a quiz site like this and make sure they take the test! 

Sure, we're all really attracted to our partners when it comes to their physical attributes, but what else do you love about them? And how can you express your love in the form of a compliment without it sounding forced or cheesy?

There will probably be a good amount of cheese when it comes to your compliments, but the key to making it sound genuine and really touch their heartstrings is to make it really personal.

Physical compliments can be lovely to hear, but they are often so general and not personal or well-though through. Think about phrases like, "baby, you look so good," or "your eyes are so beautiful," but what unique attributes does your partner have?

Take some of my examples for non-physical compliments below. These will be particular to my husband in a lot of ways, but you can use them for inspiration to highlight some of your partners' really good qualities. My husband also has a ton of qualities that I'm sure many good men share! 

One thing I want to point out is that I've reserved the last few sentences to be ideas for compliments of gratitude. A lot of compliments can be based on gratitude and a bit of selfishness: some focus on how a person makes them feel or what they do for them.

But you want to see the bigger picture with your partner and see the good qualities that they have that aren't necessarily related strictly to you. It's always great to share how someone makes you feel, but don't forget about the other things they possess that can make others feel better as well. 

Consistent Compliments

You are such a warm presence to be around.

You're very helpful and loving, and not just to me!

You have so much patience, I need to be more like you.

I love the way you think.

You're so good to your friends and family members. 

I love the way you express your feelings and emotions in your own way.

Funny Compliments 

You need to be doing an open mic at a standup comedy show.

Are you real? (This one is one of his favorites, haha.)

I'm so happy you put up with me. (But be careful with the self-deprecation.)

You're giving off a lot of husbandly vibes right now.

You're like a superhero. (I said this on our first date, and I've said it since; he works in the paramedic field.)

You have better taste in music than I do!

Deep Compliments

You're so in tune with your spirituality and faith in a very honest way.

Your opinions matter so much, and they need to be heard; they are often spot-on. 

You have such a mature way of dealing with your anger and aggression.

I love how your actions and your words actually line up. 

I love how deep our romantic relationship and friendship roots are planted thanks to your character. 

Encouraging Compliments

Your flaws and shortcomings make you even more beautiful of a man.

I'm so proud of your growth through the years.

Your food is consistently delicious; what a chef!

You have such a positive energy to be around.

You're the type of person to get through the toughest times without breaking.

You have so many good things going for you with all of those beautiful personality traits of yours.

Gratitude Compliments 

I love the way you make me feel when I'm around you; your love feels like home.

You make me feel so secure and safe when I'm with you.

My life has felt elevated ever since we've been together.

You give me such selfless love that makes me believe in people more in general.

I love how beautiful you make me feel.

You do really great at loving me in my preferred love languages.

I'm so grateful for the efforts that you put into this relationship day after day. 

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19 Relationship Check-In Questions To Ask Your Partner

Relationship Check-In Questions 

Check-ins are crucial with your partner, no matter where you two are located, what stage you're at in the relationship, or how well you think you know they are doing. You'd be surprised what revelations can come about with some routine chatting. 

Life rarely allows us to calm down and get a chance to chat with the love of our life for hours at a time. That's why it's a great idea to set aside minutes throughout your days when you can dedicate your time, energy, and full attention to a productive conversation. 

Here are some check-in questions that stood out to my husband and me while we were on the lookout for great ways to get to know what our feelings are throughout the days. The goal is to check in at least once a week at the very least, but multiple times a week is even better. 

Check-in Questions About The Relationship

How do you think we are doing in terms of friendship?

Do you feel loved in your top love languages?

Is there anything I do that you'd like me to change?

How do you think we are doing in terms of intimacy? 

What are your goals for our relationship?

Did we make enough time for closeness and connection this week? Should we do more next week?

Check-in Questions About Career

What do you currently feel is your purpose in life?

Is there anything that you'd like to be acknowledged or appreciated for?

Are we satisfied with the way we've been dividing household roles and responsibilities?

Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing but haven’t done yet?

Check-in Questions About Mental Health 

What are your main stressors right now? How can I help?

Are you currently feeling insecure about anything?

Are you coping well with the daily grind?

Do you need space for yourself?

What are you looking forward to in the coming week?

Check-in Questions About Family And Friends 

Are we feeling good about ourselves as a parenting team?

Is there anything we’ve been avoiding?

What are your thoughts on kids/marriage/splitting our finances?

Do you feel like we've made enough time for each other in balance with our social life this week?

Tips For Check-In Questions 

It is important to check on your status with one another when it comes to romance and intimacy, but don't forget that your partner is like your best friend as well. It's great to check in about all sorts of things, including finances, emotions, religion, politics, family life, and so much more. 

When you are both on the same terms in terms of your spiritual bond, your romantic bond, and your friendship bond, communication can likely become easier since you both can anticipate one another's needs. Without this open conversation, things can get lost without translation.

It may seem awkward, but it's important to be honest when answering the questions. Complete transparency will help you and your lover and can really get rid of tension you may be harboring. 

The more consistent you can be with your check-ins, the better. The more you can personalize your list of check-in questions to your and your partner's needs, the better. 

You'll be surprised how easy a question can seem week after week until something in your life happens that makes that same question hit you completely differently. That will be the moment you need to confide in your partner the most. 

The end of the day, when you both are in bed, could be the perfect time to check in if you both aren't the types to fall asleep or drift off during the conversation. The dinner table is also a great place for check-ins, especially if you don't have kids. 

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